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End of Year Campaign
Help Chabad of Mineola - Literally Saving Lives
About this Campaign


As we enter into the last weeks of the current fiscal year many of you will consider making end of year donations to various organizations. Please consider helping Chabad of Mineola with a generous year-end gift.

Clearly we are living in difficult economic times. There is virtually no one who is not affected by the terrible downturn that has taken place over these last few months. I understand that finances are tighter than ever for all of us. I know first hand that many of us are making less while everything is costing more.

However, dear friend, that is exactly the reason why Chabad of Fresno needs your help now more then ever! We depend on charitable contributions from individuals and corporations to cover the lions' share of our budget. Many of these large contributions have been much more difficult to come by due to the current situation.

I turn to you, my dear friends and community, for help at this time. Please consider a year-end gift of any amount to help offset the deficit in our budget. Please do the best you can for us so that we can continue to do what we do to help bring more yiddishkeit to and to help others.

Chabad of Mineola is ever more important in these troubled times. In times of challenge people look towards us and other similarly important organizations for moral support, even more perhaps than when things are good. People look for hope! They hope to see that although the major "pillars" of our economic stability may crumble, the organizations dedicated to Torah, G-D and the Jewish people, the "other" Pillars, stand strong and thrive.

We have been responsible, cutting our expenses and being extremely watchful of every dollar spent. Chabad has always been known for stretching a dollar and we are now stretching that same dollar to new tensions. We still need you! 

Please click here and make a year-end donation.

Please G‑d, together we will get through these challenging times and once again enjoy prosperity and success. May you and your loved ones be blessed with Hashem's blessings for all that is good and joyous. Thank you for your friendship.

Happy Chanukah!